We have answered the questions that we are asked most frequently by host companies.

  • You mentioned program rules. Can you tell us more about them?

    We have been designated by the Department of State and must abide by the program regulations. If you are interested in the complete program regulations, they can be found here

  • Who are the participants?

    For Work Travel, the participants are international university students. They are able to work during their school summer vacation, not to exceed 4 months or to conflict with their university schedule.

    For Intern/Training, the participants are 18-38 years of age and with a field of interest related to your business. Interns are current students or students that have graduated in the past 12 months. Trainees have a degree from an accredited post-secondary college/university or professional certificate from an accredited institution OR have five years experience in their chosen field.

  • What type of jobs can they work?

    For Work Travel, most jobs are entry level positions in seasonal or resort areas.  Participants may not be employed as domestic household employees, in positions that require personal investment to purchase  inventory for door-to door sales, or in any employment involving patient care. Common jobs include positions in restaurants, hotels, and retail shops.

    For Intern/Training, the program allows participants to learn while they work.  Participants cannot be placed in unskilled or casual labor positions, in positions that involve child care or elder care, or any kind of work that involves patient care or contact. Assigned work must not be more that 20 percent clerical work. Ideally, their program exposes participants to American techniques, methodologies, and expertise and expands on existing knowledge and skills through structured and guided activities such as classroom training, seminars, rotations through several departments, on-the-job-training, and attendance at conferences.

  • What do we need to provide?

    All participants must be provided opportunities for cross cultural activities.

    In addition, Work Travel participants must be provided with on-site supervision, a safe work environment, a wage no lower than Federal or State minimum wage requirements (whichever is higher), a minimum of 32 hours of work per week, and housing or recommendations for housing in the area.

    Intern/Training participants must be provided with assistance in meeting their training plan goals, continuous on-site supervision and mentoring by experienced staff, structured and guided activities that ensure skills, knowledge and competencies will be increased or achieved, a stipend that meets Federal minimum wage requirements, a minimum of 32 training hours per week, and housing or recommendations for housing in the area.

  • I am a current host company and need more information. Where can I find it?

    We have put together a Host Company Handbook for Summer Work Travel and Intern/Training that should help answer any further questions that you have. The Summer Work Travel handbook can be found here and Intern/Training handbook can be found here. And as always, you can always contact us for further information.