Visa Information

Participants must obtain a J-1 non-immigrant (cultural exchange) visa to participate in the program.  You will facilitate this process by helping secure a Consulate appointment by visiting here, forwarding the SEVIS fee of $35 to us, and preparing the candidate for the interview.

Procedures change frequently so it is VERY important to monitor the embassy website regarding your country.
For the Consulate interview, the candidate must bring:

  • All necessary J-1 visa application forms
  • DS-156 (non-immigrant visa application)
  • DS-157 (required for male applicants 16-45)
  • DS-158 (Contact Information and Work History)
  • Signed DS-2019 Form
  • Supporting papers to prove financial support
  • Visa payment methods required by the U.S. Embassy
  • Passport (must be valid 6 months after program end date as stated on the DS-2019 Form.)
  • Passport size photo