We have answered the questions that we are asked most frequently by prospective participants.

  • Where will I live?

    There are many exciting opportunities to live and work throughout the United States.  You will be placed in a location that best meets your field of expertise and training plan.

  • Will I be paid?

    MostX placements are paid.  If applicable, your pay rate will be presented to you as you consider the placement proposal.  Pay must meet Federal or State Minimum Wage requirements, whichever is higher. Regardless of the pay of your placement, you must have necessary funds to support yourself during your stay.  You are not allowed to work another job. 

  • What type of placement will I have?

    Your placement will be related to your studies and/or your professional experience.

  • When can I start?

    You may begin your program at any time of the year.  Placements in the fields of hospitality and tourism AND business and finance are for a maximum of 12 months. Each training plan will have 3 or more departmental rotations for placements six months or more so that you learn a wide variety of skills to assure your objectives are met.

  • How do I get a visa?

    Your International Cooperator will help you in the process of obtaining your visa.  The process includes securing a visa appointment and having an interview at the embassy.  You will also receive important information in your pre-arrival packet.  Helping you become prepared and informed is a top priority for us!

  • Will I have insurance?

    You will have accident and illness insurance provided by Compass Benefits Group. Your policy meets or exceeds all Department of State guidelines. You can find additional information regarding your insurance here.

  • How much does the program cost?

    There are different costs associated with your program, including an application fee, a program fee, the fee for your visa, and the fee for your insurance.  Your international cooperator will explain the costs and the timing of each of these payments.  We strive to keep all fees fair and reasonable.

    You are also responsible for purchasing round-trip transportation to your placement in the U.S. (with the assistance of your international office) as well as having access to finances adequate to support yourself, including food and lodging, during your program stay.