Insurance Info

You have prepaid for accident and illness insurance which exceeds the Department of State regulations.

Your insurance covers accidents and/illness (not pre-existing medical conditions).

Your insurance provider is United Healthcare and your claims are processed by International Medical Group (IMG). An insurance summary can be found here.

You can manage your claims, initiate pre-certification, locate a provider, request ID cards, obtain plan documents and more at:

You can find a benefit guide here.

 For a list of doctors and clinics who fully accept your insurance (“providers”):

1.    Visit:

2.    Enter your zip code (or City/State)

3.    Use the search bar or one the search boxes below

(“Family Practice/Internal” are the terms used to describe a general doctor.  This is a good choice if you have something simple … like a sore throat, a slight rash, an upset stomach, etc.)

You will need to pay a deductible and you may also need to pay a co-payment when you receive in-person medical care. These costs begin at $100; details on these costs can be found within the benefit guide. Teladoc/Telemedicine has no deductible or co-payment, so this is the best first step for non-emergent medical care. (Always enter zip code 46208 when creating a Teladoc account.)

Thirty Day Grace Period

If you are staying in the U.S. during the Department of State granted 30 day grace period, which begins after your program end date (as stated on your DS 2019), you MUST purchase additional insurance. If you are staying 1 day to 14 days past your program end date, the cost is $30. If you are staying 15 days to 30 days past your program end date, the cost is $60.  Payment must be sent to DGE to extend your insurance.

Mail check or money order, payable to "Dynamic Global Exchange":

Dynamic Global Exchange

30725 River Crossing

Bingham Farms, MI 48025